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Our History

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      Tulsa Press Club established


      Oklahoma becomes the 46th state


      1914-1918 World War I

      1919 The 18th Amendment is ratified banning the manufacture, sale and transportation of liquor; The                     19th Amendment is ratified giving women the right to vote


      1932 Tulsa Press Club brings the Oklahoma Gridiron Show to Tulsa 

      1933 Prohibition ends


      1941 Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor and the US enters World War II

      1945 World War II Ends; First computer built


      1950 Tulsa Press Club opens its first permanent home in the Adams hotel at 4th & Cheyenne and                          Julie Blakely becomes the club’s first female president

1950-1953 Korean War

      1950-54 Sen. Joseph McCarthy gains power and begins a campaign against alleged Communists in

                  U.S. government and other institutions.


      1963 Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C.; John F. Kennedy assassinated

      1968 Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated

      1969 Apollo 11 Moon Landing

      1973 Vietnam War Ends

      1975 Tulsa Press Club establishes The Headliners Award


      1981 AIDS recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

      1983 Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in Space

      1989 Berlin Wall falls

      1990 Tulsa Press Club moves to its present location in the Atlas Life Building


      2001 September 11th Attacks

      2008 Barack Obama elected President

      2009 Tulsa Press Club establishes the Great Plains Journalism Awards

      2015 Full diplomatic relations are reestablished between the US and Cuba after fifty-four years

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